It’s A New Season for New Beginnings: No Fear Here


Wednesday is October 1st. Can you believe that 2015 is just a few months away? For me, the last nine months has been a time of transition and reconnecting with purpose. My family has also endured quite a few challenges; the spring and summer months were extremely difficult as many loved ones have battled serious health issues and a couple have passed away. I just recently returned from Memphis,TN to attend my Aunt Sarah’s memorial service. We last spoke on Labor Day Weekend. We laughed and shared for quite some time that day. We talked about her upcoming birthday this December; she would have turned 85 years young! I mentioned that my goal was to travel south this fall to visit her because it had been many years since our last visit. On the day of her service, I sat in the church and listened to the minister’s passionate eulogy and reflected on Aunt Sarah’s life and legacy: her deep commitment to her faith, family and helping others. I realized that even through distance and time, the legacy of love, hospitality and service to others was deeply rooted in our family heritage and very much a part of who I am today. I imagined what advice my aunt would give me and other family members as we looked towards the future. That day (September 18th), I resolved to say no to life as usual, embrace my God given gifts and go after my dreams.

I started this blog April 1st of this year, click here to read my first post. Since then, I’ve made small steps and progress towards relaunching my coaching practice, slowly building my online presence and working to complete my manuscript in efforts to publish my first book. I’m not waiting for a New Year’s Resolution, I’m pursuing my dream NOW! What’s even more exciting is that October is my birthday month- so I’m celebrating by launching my book by the end of the month and I’m inviting you to the party!  I want to help you press past your doubts and fears to pursue your God given dreams and desires. I am hosting the iHOPE “Take Action Now” Challenge October 1- 31st to provide daily encouragement, prayer, accountability and coaching strategies to equip and empower you to pursue your purpose and passion!

Imagine having daily motivation to pursue that big audacious goal or project you’ve put off for years. NOW is the time to stop thinking about it and START achieving it! I am excited about your future and invite you to join me and other HOPE Champions in the iHOPE “Take Action NOW” 31 Day Challenge. Click for for details and registration.

Say no to fear! Release the false guilt or self doubt that’s holding you back from launching out on faith/re-launching to achieve your destiny! Don’t wait till New Years. There’s no better time than now so get going! Recruit 4-5 friends and join as a team. Act quickly, registration closes 12PM PST Sept. 30th. Sign up today!

For God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but one of power, love, and sound judgment. 2 Timothy 1:7

What ONE thing have you put off due to fear/self doubt/procrastination?

What would achieving your goal look like? How would achieving or making progress towards that goal make you feel? What one step can you take this week towards your goal?

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts!


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