New Beginnings

In my morning quiet time, I found a note with timely words of advice given by a pastor I recently met at a healthy marriage and family conference. His words: “Step out of the shadows”.

When he said it, I knew it was a call to action but how is it now quite some time later and I’m still “in planning mode” on a project I’ve been thinking about for years? Granted: you must plan before starting a new project or venture but how much of the time between planning and implementation is actually procrastination, perfectionalism or analysis/paralysis? They are all cousins of fear!

I looked up the definitions of the words step and shadow and resolved that “stepping out of the shadows” is taking an intentional measure or action, especially one of a series of actions in order to deal with or achieve a particular thing while overcoming:

1) feelings that your idea/project is something insubstantial or fleeting and/or

2) a weak or inferior position, perception or view of your true self

Stepping out of the shadows not only relates to taking action but the mental state in which to do so: Moving forward requires YOU to take authority and put on your true identity as capable, worthy, strong and victorious; shaking off fear, sadness, gloom and self doubt. You must be authentic and refuse anything less than your very best effort!

Stepping out requires taking time for you and you might have to say “no” or “not now” to other worthwhile projects to honor a goal you have for yourself and making that a priority over all else.

Is fear, false guilt or self doubt holding you back from launching out on faith/re-launching to achieve a desired goal? The only thing standing in between you and your goal is YOU!

Don’t wait till New Years to resolve to move ahead in life.  Spring is here. There’s no better time than today- even if it is April Fools!

Question? What ONE thing have you put off due to fear/self doubt/procrastination?

What would achieving your goal look like? How would achieving that goal make you feel? What one step can you take this week towards your goal?

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